Only 2 sleeps to go

How fast times flies! I can’t believe how close the trip is now. I thought I had more time to do “things” – whatever “things” are – but clearly not!!

I hope those of you that have been given the address for this blog appreciate how much time I have (I was going to say wasted – but it is not really wasted – but it has certainly been time consuming) put into doing this so far – not that I am feeling under any pressure here to get this right or anything like that. Norm just mentioned  “oh and by the way I have given the address out to at least 20 people – if not more. So I am now feeling slightly intimidated!!

I thought last night I had this working – but I have tweaked it further so no more we are all going to work with this as best we can. I have developed some instructions for navigating this site – so hopefully this is helpful for anyone who may not have used a blog before.

Also my Happiness Engineers at WordPress are now referring to me by my first name and are happy to help if I get stuck – so that is comforting.

I think I need some sleep so signing off now – probably some more insights tomorrow – that should be worth waiting for! 🙂

Cheers Wendy

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