Between Melbourne and London

I write this blog to remember what happened (Norm’s memory is much better than mine).

So I am back filling from my day 1 post to add a couple of things and getting the sequence right.

We were due to leave around 11:00pm but were delayed an hour but we were told that we would make the time up. As soon as the plane started to move I was asleep (nothing new here the same thing happens on any flight I take – I am usually sleep through take-off – around a 10+ minute nap).

I slept relatively well to Dubai. In between I did some reading,  wrote down ideas on some things that were upper most in my mind and did some quizzes (virtual and paper-based).

We arrived in Dubai and the turn around time was just on an hour – so no time to do anything – a quick leg stretch and being security tested (I got caught in Melbourne too). Norm walked through at Dubai – I told him it was because he was older!.

Back on the plane and other than the pilot needing to start 2 engines manually and then jump starting (my term) the other 2 engines when we were moving – it was uneventful. More reading etc – you all know what it is like.

I did try and study up on how to use my camera and took some practice photos from the window.

DSC00094  DSC00095

In the air and flying into London.

That’s all for now. Wendy

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