Day 2 – London: Around the city

How did we cope before mobile phones, iPads and digital cameras??

Norm and I took to the hop on hop off bus system today as well as a short river cruise down the Thames. We started at about 9:00am and returned to our hotel at 6:00pm. During the course of the day I took about 250 photos (simply because I could). I have trimmed it down to 240 (after removing all of the blurred ones).

We saw lots of different things; managed to walk part of the Monopoly Board – driving down Park Lane and through Mayfair. We also walked down parts of Oxford, Bond and Regent Streets.

Our bus tour guides were excellent. Based on their take on the world you get an interesting view of life in London.

Norm’s new friend – the invisible man

I am having a few issues downloading photos. Will sort this out soon and add some more (I have lots to choose from!)

See you soon. Wendy.


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