Day 4 – London: Walking, churches and more walking

We walked so much today I wore a hole in both socks!!

We started off to visit Westminster Abbey (having visited the school the day before after visiting Buckingham Palace).

I hadn’t appreciated that the choristers attended the Westminster School which is at the back of the Abbey. They recruit the boys from between 7 to 9 years of age and they sing in the choir as well as studying at the school.

We queued for about half an hour (not one of Norm’s favourite pastimes) which wasn’t too bad and toured through the Abbey which was amazing – no photos allowed so I can’t show you anything but the following is from some of the surrounding parts of the church where you can take photos.

This room is outside the main part of the Abbey and was used as a meeting room. It currently provides a brief history of how the Abbey has evolved.
The ceiling of this room

In 2018 the Queen’s Gallery will be opened and will house hundreds of items of art and history pertaining to the Church of England. The Gallery will be set up in an area that is above the Abbey proper and is said to be the most significant renovation to the Abbey in 300 years.

After exploring the Abbey it was time for a quick lunch and a walk along Southbank – it is a bit like our Southbank in Melbourne. There are restaurants along the Thames, amusements, including the “Eye”,  an art and design precinct, theatres and music. I did say it was a bit like our Southbank but it is much longer.

We had planned walking to the Tower of London but it was further than we expected so we walked across the Millennium Bridge and decided to visit St Paul’s Cathedral. This is certainly a magnificent building and we spent time going through the church with the audio description narrated in part by Jeremy Irons ( I do like his voice).

All of the audio descriptions have been great actually (Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and now St Paul’s Cathedral).

After completing this tour we walked back to the hotel. – I needed to change my shoes! and then we did a little more exploring around where we are staying. We have found this great little area called Shepherds Market which consists of lost of little streets with restaurants and pubs – it is hard to describe actually. I will try and take some photos before we leave to show you.

I am calling it quits now – up early tomorrow for a tour into the countryside. Will report back in tomorrow.

Bye. Wendy


2 Replies to “Day 4 – London: Walking, churches and more walking”

  1. Hi Alecia. Great to see you are following them. All going well. Great weather. Only one more day in London – I really like London.


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