Day 6 – London: Another day in the city

Well today we decided to have a another day in the city. We selected a few places to visit with the Tower of London at the top of the list. We had some other places selected as well and so we decided on the hop on/hop off bus again to get to the sites.

We set off around 9:00am and walked to Piccadilly Circus and caught the bus from there. We managed to get stuck in a major traffic jam so it took quite some time to get to our desired destination (2 hours to be exact!) but we did get to see some things that we hadn’t seen before.

We finally arrived at the Tower of London and I must say this was definitely worth seeing. We spent about 3 hours walking around and could have spent more time looking over this really interesting site. We both really enjoyed this visit.

Coming across the Tower of London Bridge


The White Tower – one of the many towers in the complex


We decided to search for a good backpack at Selfridge’s Department Store in Oxford Street (and found one). We then began walking back to the hotel. On the way we were approached by some people selling high end beauty products (the same way restaurants in Lygon Street tout for customers. After being told how wonderful I looked for my age and then being told how much better it could look Norm and I were whisked into the shop to be shown some wonderful creams. Norm being Norm talked a bit and because of his diminished hearing was not really understanding what was being said. He offered to buy me some creams but I needed to tell him “no” because the 3 products being suggested totalled £1,150 and trust me I am very happy to age as gracefully as possible without the aid of these products. What Norm thought he heard was that one of the products was 350mls in size in fact is was £350 . That was an interesting experience. After leaving this shop we were approached by another person with a different product but Norm was up for the challenge this time and we escaped very quickly!! 🙂

So after a quick freshen up we had nice dinner nearby and then packed in anticipation for tomorrow and our next destination – Paris.

Au revoir (for now). Wendy.

2 Replies to “Day 6 – London: Another day in the city”

  1. Hi Adrian and Fiona – thank you for the comment I have passed them on to Norm. The weather has been fantastic. We are in transit now and the weather is overcast and cold but hopefully it will be better when we get to Paris. Great to see you are following our adventure. It’s been great so far! Wendy xoxox


  2. Hello, it’s Adrian K here Norm and Wendy. I’m writing on Thursday night and I’ve just caught up with your posts. My reply goes a little like thisL Norm can you buy Wendy some new socks before you consider those creams. Priorities please. As for the creams, Wendy are you sure Norm was thinking of them for you?

    Its great to see the photos. You look like you’re getting some good weather over there and I did like the shots of London Bridge and Stonehenge. Apparently the real ones are at Disneyland but I’m sure you can still enjoy the ones over there.

    I’ll keep an eye on your posts, (Fiona will respond next) and I hope you can find a decent pineapple pizza over there. Take care of yourself and make sure you’re back for the vote!



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