Some final thoughts on London

Firstly an update – my reference to the Windsor Castle visit on Day 4 and the visit to the Chapel – it wasn’t the Henry VII Chapel; it was actually St George’s Chapel.

Hopefully most of the information in this blog is (and will be) accurate!!

Did I tell you about Shepherd Market? We had dinner there a number of times. It is a fantastic little area filled with cafes, Pubs and some very nice shops. It is located just across the road from the Hotel.

Talking to the locals – living in London is prohibitive with many middle-class people moving out of the city to live in the country. Many people share a flat in London as rents are high. The minimum hourly rate is £7.50 per hour (in Australia it is $18.29 or £11.16 – using an exchange rate of $1 to £0.61). They say if you are earning less than £10.00 you are living in poverty here).

Obviously there were many things we didn’t see but what we did see was great.  It is certainly a place of fantastic history but at the same time the people seem disenchanted and weighed down by the cost of living here and the cost to maintain the history. There are over 400 x 20+ story buildings approved to be built consisting of accommodation, offices and retail and that will certainly change the skyline of London. Brexit is a concern and is causing uncertainty.

I am writing this page as we head across the channel on the Eurostar. What a great train – very comfortable and fast. There is less than an hour before we disembark in Paris and it’s bouncing along so I will sign off. (It appears that the weather will be overcast and showers today and clearing from tomorrow until we leave so that will be good).

More updates later.  Wendy.


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