Day 12 – Interlaken: A visit to the Jungfrau

We set off after breakfast for a trip up to the top (or close to the top) of the Jungfrau. Standing at 4,148m (or 13,642ft) it just pips the Eiger at 3,970m (or 13,026ft). Clearly it is small when compared to Mt Everest, which stands at 8,848m (or 29,029ft) but being up amongst these mountains was pretty amazing for me (and Norm too)

It took 2 hours to get to the top via a succession of trains (3 train changes actually). We then spent a further 3 hours wandering around the various things to see (more of that shortly) and then another 2.5 hours to get back down. So an all day event.

The weather was spectacular – clear blue skies and a top temperature at the top of the mountain of 4 degrees Celsius (at Interlaken it was around 25 degrees).

As you might imagine the trip up the mountain was amazing. The scenery – what can I say? You can see photos (and even take photos) but it is not the same as really seeing it! Having said that I took about 200 photos – it was just breath-taking everywhere you looked …… was just beautiful.

When we arrived at the top you have a number of options – take the lift to the top viewing point – this is about the 3,454m mark. There were ice carvings to view; a pictorial history of the construction of the train line and the lookout (an amazing feat in itself); a place to go out into the snow /ice and play and take photos; opportunities to hire equipment to play in the snow and hiking trails to take. There was the obligatory gift shop/s and food outlet and some speciality watch shops and a speciality Lindt chocolate store as well. Apparently some of the James Bond movie Spectre was filmed up there too.

We went up to the lookout which was great – one side was fine but the other side was freezing with really strong winds but we persisted with the experience and the quest to take some photos with the other hundreds of people as well!

I went out onto the snow/ice in pursuit of more photos and Norm waited inside. At one point my foot gave way and I very elegantly landed on my rear end. It was a much less elegant attempt to get back up again!! By the time I got back inside my hands had started to turn blue. I must admit too I was a bit short of breath and a bit light-headed up there but Norm seemed to cope with it all.

So here is my attempt to capture the day in pictures. Hope they give a sense of how beautiful it was.


Back with more tomorrow. Love Wendy.

2 Replies to “Day 12 – Interlaken: A visit to the Jungfrau”

  1. Hi there glad you are following this religiously – I haven’t heard from many people but the site is getting likes (even from people I don’t know and from all over the world – UK, France, Russia etc. You would love Interlaken perhaps paragliding might be for you both!! Will keep posting so keep watching. Lots of love Wendy (and Norm) xoxox


  2. Wendy, Adrian K here. I’ve been following your blog religiously; sometimes late at night, so I apologise for not always responding. your post from the mountain has Fiona and I very envious…in a good way. Tell Norm to get his game face on when he’s in the ice tunnels, we’re signing up for ice hockey when he returns.

    As for your photos from the hotel floor….just one or two less schnapps in the lodge should guarantee your still on your feet tomorrow morning!

    Much Love Fiona and I…she’ll probably write soon so take that as an advance greeting. Bye for now. Ask


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