Day 13 – Interlaken: A slower day

[Note: Amendment to yesterday’s post – the height of the viewing platform on the Jungfrau is 3,454m (not 3,800m as I had originally written – I have updated yesterday’s post accordingly. It was however still high!!)].

Today the temperature is 28ºC – very warm (especially when compared to where we were yesterday).

We decided to have a slower day walking around the town (and beyond) and enjoying the weather and the sights. We watched a number of[ paragliders coming down from the Harder Kulm (above where we are staying) with their passengers. It is the only time I have ever thought that this might be a nice thing to try (but no I did not try it).

Note much to report other than it was a lovely day. Tomorrow we leave for Tuscany – I think we have 4 train changes on this trip so I had better get organised and work out what we need to do.

Here are a few photos from today (I didn’t take a lot of photos today 🙂 ).


Tomorrow promises to be a busy day (and the weather will be getting hotter 30ºC+ from the forecast).

More tomorrow. Wendy


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