Day 15 – Florence

Well we decided that we would prefer to be in Florence rather than in a smaller town so we have relocated to the heart of Florence. We had two trips to Florence planned while we were in Signa but decided to relocate and explore more of Florence.

We arrived at our Hotel in Florence about midday. Did I mention that it is hot here? it was about 38ºC today (a bit different from home and London and Paris for that matter) but I am sure we will get used to it.

It is a lovely city – very old but very interesting. All those lovely little side streets and vesper scooters (I am seriously thinking about one of these – not sure what Norm thinks about this idea – in my youth I learned to ride a motorbike but more for farm purposes but that is another story).

I love the architecture in all of the cities we have visited and Florence is no exception.

And yes I am back into taking photos! 🙂 I don’t usually take photos of food but the dessert looked amazing (the photo doesn’t do it justice) and yes it was delicious.

More tomorrow. Ciao! Wendy




2 Replies to “Day 15 – Florence”

  1. Dear Fiona It has certainly been hot. We saw the statute of David today. We are taking a day long tour tomorrow but will see if we can do some of the things you have suggested on Monday. We leave on Tuesday so not a lot of time – will visit the Duomo on Monday morning. Thank you for following. Love and hugs. Wendy.


  2. Wendy, you’ve captured Florence beautifully in your photos. It’s a great spot for walking, especially early and late in the day, so relocating was a good move.

    High on my list of recommendations are: the Boboli Gardens and Michelangelo’s piazza on the other side of the river, the statue of David, and from Ade (I haven’t seen it), the Lawrentian Library (it was only open on Tuesdays when we were there – go figure!).
    Love to you both, Fi

    PS: we climbed to the top of the Duomo inside the dome, and were rewarded with a great view, including seeing Ade’s pyjamas on our balcony rail! I’m not sure that I recommend it though – hard work and claustrophobic.


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