Day 17 – Florence: What a day!

Well, where to start? The beginning sounds like a plan.

We decided to book a day tour and settled on visiting Cinque Terre and Porto Venere. The Cinque Terre is a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

5terre          map_of_cinque-terre

These maps give you an idea of where we went. We were up at 5:30am with a pick up scheduled for 6:30am. After arriving at the designated meeting place we set off with about 35 other people at 7:15am.

We arrived at our first destination Monterosso at 9:45 and had an hour to look around and explore the little village. We then caught a train to Corniglia at 11:00am and again had an hour to explore this village. On the train again this time to Manrola where we had 3 hours to have lub=ncha and explore this very popular beach resort. At 3:45pm we met up again and took a boat down the coast to Porto Venere. Porto Venere is not part of the Cinque Terre but is very similar in its architectural style and how it has developed. After spening an hour here we boarded the boat to take us back to where the bus was waiting to bring us back to Florence. We arrived back in Florence at around 9:00pm

I took lots of photos (naturally) but it did get to a point where I had to say – no more! you looked there was a pictre waiting to be taken.

There were some interesting people on the trip Peter and his wife – both born in Taiwan and now US citizens. Peter has relatives living in Melbourne. They have visited Melbourne and the highlights were – visiting the Queen Victoria Market, taking a train ride on Puffing Billy in the Dandenongs and visiting the penguins on Phillip Island. We also met a woman from Japan and her parents who were touring Italy. Her father was turning 80 and the trip was a “present” for them both. We also befriended a young UK couple who kept getting lost – so I kept an eye out for them especially when Norm was giving them dodgy information about when and where to alight from the train!

It was a great day – warm again and just amazing scenery.

Let me leave you with these photos.

Still more to come tomorrow! 🙂  Wendy.

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2 Replies to “Day 17 – Florence: What a day!”

  1. Great to hear from you Esther. It has been a great trip so far – both in terms of just doing something different as well as learning some things along the way!!
    We had a thunderstorm this afternoon but it didn’t last for long. It cleared the air a little. Will certainly make the most of the heat though. I think the next few days are around 30 degrees so that should be nice. Say hi to Christine. Will catch up soon. W xoxox


  2. An amazing trip! I’m in awe of the places you are describing and have pictured Wendy. All your planning has gone well.
    We’ve just had a freezing weekend – make the most of the heat there! Esther


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