Day 19 – Florence to Positano

Today we said goodbye to Florence and boarded a train (at midday) for a 3 hour train trip to Naples. From Naples it was a private car to Positano – this took around 1.5 hours. Positano is on the Amalfi Coast. These maps show where we are.



I have seen photos of the area but being here what an amazing drive. This trip makes the Great Ocean Road look straight!!  and the sheer height from the road to the ocean seems insignificant as you whiz around the road – if you are going over you are certainly not coming back. I must say the driver was great (and there wasn’t even a hint of a near miss even though all of hte traffic seems to be weaving around the road as well as other traffic).

When we arrived at Positano the road become a one-way single road with shops and restaurants an arm’s length away. You could actually reach out of hte car window and take something off somone’s plate. We reached a point where the driver pulled into a gap off the road and said you have to walk the rest of the way – just follow the road it takes about 5 minutes.

Hmmm…..well it was more than 5 minutes, it was very hot and felt very claustrophic with lots of cars and people around. At one point there was a fork in the road (of course there would be) so I went to get directions (take the low road (downhill) – rather than the uphill one – thank goodness!!). Then wait for it – stairs!! Great – while we each only have a backpack and a hiking case each (it was still heavy – we overpacked). Norm was a bit hot and bothered so I scouted down the stairs to see where they went and at the bottom of the stairs and then up some more was the hotel. So back up I went and reported what I had found and we carried our bags to the Hotel.

By the time we got inside I was wringing wet. The Hotel staff were certainly looking at us both intently.  When the concergie was telling about the facilities and that the local Church was next door – Norm started muttering about last rites!

When we finally reached our room (on the top floor) the view was (and is) stunning. It takes 2 separate lifts and a bit of hike to reach the room as the Hotel is in 2 buildings and over differntly levels.  We took some time to catch our breath and unpack and then had a lovely meal on the restaurant’s terrace over looking the water. We are looking forward to a nice stay here.

That’s enough for today. Will be back tomorrow. Wendy xoxox.

NB: Having some issues loading photos – as soon as I sort it out I will upload some. Sorry about that.

Now we have photos. (The first photo – on the left – was coming into Sorrento on the way to Positano).

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