Day 20 – Positano

So today we had a slower start. The sun was up the people out and about – well not too early – people started gathering around 10:30am. People start arriving from other areas by ferry around 9:30am and people from Positano take trips to the Isle of Capri, or cruise along the Amalfi Coast or go to Sorrento. So there are lots of people moving.

School starts back on 12 September so still a few weeks to go until the summer vacation finishes. According to the locals Positano is booked right through until the end of October.

We opted for a walk around – along the beach (which is either made up of blackish pebbles in the general public area, or in the umbrella areas, where it costs 20 euros to hire an umbrella and beach chair, blackish sand – no white sandy beaches here), and a walk up the mountain – well part way anyway – and that meant me scurrying up lots of stairs while Norm waited below in the shade with a drink! (if nothing else after one day I feel I am getting fitter – well……maybe 🙂 ).

I don’t know how people cope – I suppose the locals have scooters and small cars – people visiting certainly get a view by staying near the top but to get to the beach and main town centre you need to come down and then get back up again – at some point!!

All this scurrying around certainly makes me hot. We had lunch and then looked at what we might want to do over the next few days – we have opted for a cruise along the Amalfi coast and a trip to the Isle of Capri. After organising the tickets I opted for a more casual stroll around the shops and Norm opted to do some emails. As it was getting hotter I returned sooner than planned to cool down.

We had a slow early dinner and then sat on the pier and watched the people. In the background the music tonight was Justin Bieber and Mylie Cyrus – they were 2 of the songs I noticed.  The Italian radio stations – and come to think of it the same occurred in Interlaken and Paris – taxi drivers, shops and even the hotels have Italian, Swiss or French radio announcers but play the American top 40 – interesting!

So I will leave you with some photos from today (the internet upload speead is poor – it takes about 3 minutes per photo to upload!).

Will report in tomorrow after our cruise along the Amalfo coast. Caio. Wendy.


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