Day 21 – Positano: Cruising along the Amalfi Coast

Well it was another day in this idyllic part of the world.

Today we opted to take a cruise along the Amalfi coast. Altogether there were 10 of us on this cruise plus our “skipper” Enzo (a native of Positano). Of the 10 of us 1 was Italian (and could only speak Italian), 2 Australians (us) and 7 Americans.

We left port at 10:00am and over the course of the next 8 hours we cruised along the coast passing Praiano, Fiordo di Furore, Conca dei Marini, Vettica Minore and arriving at Amalfi at 1:00pm. In between we stopped to swim, with one place in particular being a cave that you could only get to by swimming. It was amazing the water was so clear!

We had 3 hours in Amalfi to have lunch and look around – which we did. Amalfi has a population of around 6,000 people (Positano has 4,000). History says that Amalfi was an important trading power in the Mediterranean between 839 and around 1200. Today the area is known as tourist destination.

So to see a cruise ship in town was no real surprise – so lots of tourists around. We visited the Amalfi Cathedral a 9th-century Roman Catholic Cathedral in the Piazza del Duomo and it is dedicated to the Apostle Saint Andrew whose relics are kept there. It was very elaborate (photos attached).

At 4:00pm we all came together again for the trip back to Positano. On the way back there was one last chance to stop for a swim and at 6:00pm we were back in Positano.

It was a wonderful trip and such a lovely view of the coast between Positano and Amalfi.

More tomorrow. Wendy.


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