Day 22 – Positano: The Isle of Capri

I am being a bit lazy and writing up about our trip to Capri this morning (rather than last night). 🙂 It is a holiday after all.

We caught the 9:00am high speed ferry to Capri. it took about 45 minutes to get there.

As soon as we arrived we opted for a 2 hour cruise around the island. It was stunning – like the cruise along the Amalfi coast we explored the different parts of the island and grottos and structures (no swimming on this tour though).

The water is beautiful. I tried to take some photos but I don’t think I have dipicted the water as it really is (you would think my photography would be improving – I have taken about 2500 photos (and that is after deleting the ones that were really awful!). Norm thinks I have taken 35,000 photos! – perhaps I am over doing the photo thing?

Anyway towards the end of the cruise you stop at the Blue Grotto. At this point you have the option to take a small boat and see the grotto. We opted not to do this but most of the other people on the boat wanted to go (about 25 of them).

Talk about chaotic! All of the cruise boats pull in (there is a system but it was a bit difficult to identify it at first) and then there are small boats with a man to row it (no women that I could see) that can take up 3 to 4 people at a time. When they get into the boat they are taken to a floating ticket booth where you pay 14 euro per person for a 5 minute tour of the grotto (the whole cruise around the island was 18 euro). The people are then brought back to the boat they came on. It took about 40 minutes to complete the exercise – which I must say we found highly entertaining to watch.

After this we completed the cruise around the island and spent the next few hours having a look around. We didn’t get to see much of the island itself – there were lots of people around and therefore queues and it was very humid – it had clouded over by the time we completed the cruise and looked like it would rain; but it didn’t. Around 4:00pm we caught the ferry back to Positano.

After that we tidied up and had a nice relaxing dinner in the hotel restaurant overlooking the water.

[I will put some photos of the day up a bit later (the slow internet upload is a bit annoying and I need to be in the mood to deal with it!!]

Bye for now. Wendy x


Scenes from around Capri (the first photo in the set is leaving Positano – but not for long).


This set is getting into the Blue Grotto – we especially liked the guys collecting the money in the floating ticket booth. 🙂

4 Replies to “Day 22 – Positano: The Isle of Capri”

  1. Hi Esther – thank you for the comments. Am back up and runing. Just arrived in Rome and able to update after a complete internet failure (this is the only problem when doing a daily blog – oh how reliant we are on things like the internet!). Anyway weather around 26 to 28 degrees and not much rain in sight. Not long until this amazing trip is over – there are still a few more things to do though so I will try and keep up the “high” standard. Caio Wendy


  2. Thanks to you both – I am back on track after a hiccup – see day 23. Have just arrived in Rome – it is about 3:00pm and the internet is great. So happy about this now. Will keep you posted. W


  3. I agree totally with Ade and Fi’s sentiments; you are doing an awesome job with the blog, succinct day summaries and correlating photos so we can share your musings, Wendy. You must have your own headache trying to choose WHICH one of the hundreds to post!
    I wonder whether the blue grotto goers thought it was worth it?
    Amazing coastline, but I’ll have our roomy golden beaches even with the southern ocean any day.
    Cheers, Esther


  4. Hi Wendy & Norm, it’s great to hear of your adventures! Wendy, you’re doing such a good job sending the chronicles out, so we wanted to assure you that you have devoted readers. Love the photos too, (particularly of you with a champagne bottle looking so happy) but do understand that the slow internet tests your patience.
    That Blue Grotto episode must have been well worth watching!
    Comments from Ade; this weekend is a football bye, pre-finals (well planned you two) so Melbourne doesn’t know what to do with itself. And Dustin Martin re-signed with Richmond for a very large amount of money for a lot of years, which just goes to show that you can trust a man with neck tattoos (!).
    Keep enjoying the trip. Rome’s forecast temperature is a bit lower today.
    Love from Ade & Fi.


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