Day 23 – Positano (again)

Right I am now back up online (sorry about that – major internet issues).

Here is what transpired.

We had decided that our last day in Positano would be a slow one.

When we got up it had been raining and the weather was cooler and the skies overcast.

After breakfast, we lingered on the terrace and decided to watch the people come and go for a while. During this time, it started drizzling again.

Not long after this the skies began to get darker and the thunder and lightning commenced and then the heavens opened and it pelted down. It rained so much that the streets and lanes flooded and, being a vertical city, the water had to run down to the bottom of the hill!

This occurred 3 more times during the course of the day.

In the afternoon, when we thought the worst of it was over we decided to look at some of the shops up the hill – there are lots of clothing shops and art galleries above where we are staying. Not long after we commenced this walk the thunder and lightning started again and so we decided to retreat to the hotel. No sooner had we got back inside the hotel a very load thunder clap followed by flickering power and as a result we were told not use the lifts while they checked out what was going on.

Once cleared to use the lift we returned to our room and the rain came again and the internet access was lost (and hadn’t returned by the time I went to bed).

The evening was beautiful; cool and with slightly cloudy skies and so ended our last day in Positano.

Tomorrow we are off to Rome and the last stage of our trip. (I hope the internet access will be better there!). Having said that Positano is a beautiful place and well worth a visit.

More tomorrow. Wendy


The storm clouds were brewing.


When it rains – it really rains and the water has to go somewhere!!

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