Day 24 – Positano to Rome

I am now back on track after an internet meltdown caused by the weather (refer Day 23).

We departed Positano after breakfast…. but first we had to hike up the hill to meet the driver taking us back to Naples so that we could catch the train to Rome. Fortunately we didn’t need to carry our luggage up the hill – the hotel arranged for a porter to bring it to the meeting point (thank goodness – I don’t think either of us would have made it if we had to carry and drag the luggage!).

The driver and luggage arrived almost simultaneously and so we were off. The driver didn’t have much English but we managed ot converse a little – the rest of the time was a mixture of American/Australian/English songs and Italian songs. So we were all tapping along to the music together 🙂

I didn’t mention the quartet in Positano who did a rendition of Volare every night (not as good as Dean Martin – but no one is really – did you know he died 22 years ago?) but their version was OK.

Once in Naples we had an hour wait and then off on the train (for the last train trip for this holiday) to Rome.

We caught a taxi from the station and guess what? The taxi driver took a wrong turn and dumped us 100 metres from the Hotel (which we were told would be on our left). Cobbled paths and roadworks – and a good 15 minute walk from where were left (and the Hotel was on the right) and we made it.  Fortunately no stairs and mininal inclines to cope with but a bit longer than 100 metres.

Since arriving in Rome we have been for a walk around and have seen The Trevi Fountain. There were lots of people all clamouring to take photos and throw coins into the fountain. It is estimated that 3,000 euros are tossed into the fountain each day (that is just short of 1.1m euros each year). Apparently the money is used to subsidise a supermarket for people in need in Rome.

So, of course, we decided to make a contribution as well.

There were lots of lovely cafes and restaurants in this area as well so we selected one and had dinner there. Very enjoyable.

I only took a few photos today and here are some of them.

Will contine the commentary tomorrow.  😉  Wendy

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