Day 28 (and 29): That’s all folks!

Well it is Saturday afternoon on a lovely Spring day in Melbourne (I am not sure why everyone has been complaining about the weather here 🙂 ).

The flight home was OK – I have decided I have one of those faces that gets picked for every random full on security check. I got picked out both times in Dubai and coming home not only did I need to decant my whole backpack plus turn on my laptop and ipad, I had to take my shoes off (lucky I didn’t have any holes in the socks I was wearing!).

It is a long flight but I did manage to get a good 6 hours sleep (Norm didn’t manage to sleep as well as I did).

We arrived home last night within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time (pretty amazing really). The only hold up was the luggage carousel breaking down before our luggage came through.

We were home by 11:00pm.

Again I slept pretty well. We have collected Mo (the cat) from his “gold class” accommodation and he seems to have enjoyed his holiday as well.

I am currently washing everything and getting things sorted – so slipping back into a routine really and tonight I get to watch (on the TV)  my team play in the finals – so the timing has worked out well.

I hope you have enjoyed tagging along on the trip – we certainly had a great time. We saw lots of things, learned some new things and even got to challenge some of our thinking. So, for us, travel has broadened our minds.

On that note, I am signing off.

Until next time……………………. Love and best wishes Wendy & Norm  xoxox


2 Replies to “Day 28 (and 29): That’s all folks!”

  1. Welcome back Wendy & Norm. Glad it was a safe and enjoyable trip. How could it not be, you went to Interlaken and Paris, my 2 favs!!!
    Look forward to catching up when things settle down. C xx


  2. Hi Wendy & Norm, welcome home; great to hear that you’re back and have enjoyed yourselves.

    Thanks again taking the time to do your travel blog Wendy – it’s been interesting, entertaining and instructive, and we’ve so enjoyed it.

    Commiserations re your team outcome yesterday – we had a similarly difficult experience watching Geelong play at the MCG on Friday night – ouch!

    Fi & Ade. xx


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