Pre-Trip Post

Just doing some preliminary work to get the blog up and running. I need to get some technical assistance to get this to work as as I see it evolving going forward.

But I will save this until we get back.

Travelling light this time – so not much planning for this trip – just looking forward to a relaxing holiday.

Really looking forward to this trip!! 🙂

Cheers  Wendy

4 Replies to “Pre-Trip Post”

  1. Dear Adrian I missed your comment – sorry. I hope you and Fiona are not too cold in the Board Shorts – it is not that warm there (and like here – it is magic 🙂 Wendy PS we are downwind of the volcano!!


  2. Wendy & Norm, have a lovely relaxing holiday. Get some warmth into those bones and enjoy. See you when you return.
    Christine xx


  3. Hi Wendy Adrian K here. Just acknowledging your first message. Fiona and I have decided to wear board shorts while you are away to get in the Hawaiin mood. Tell Normie to stay downwind of that volcano! Cheers


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