26 May 2018 – Day 2

We started today at Dukes for breakfast and from their booked another tour for Monday and the hop on hop off bus for today.

We just seemed to keep moving from that point and eventually got back to our room at 8:30pm!!

First we did some shopping – I bought a hat and sunscreen. We then walked around a bit and then caught the bus.

We toured around part of the island for about 90 minutes and then got off the bus and had some lunch at one of the shopping centres.

We then got back on the bus and when we reached the end of that circuit we then took another one. After that we returned to the hotel but then decided to sit on the beach for a while.

We took another stroll around and then decided to have something simple for dinner. We then decided to take a bus tour by night for an hour.

As tomorrow is an early start (6:00am pick up to visit Pearl Harbour) I will sign off now and get some sleep. Will update again tomorrow.

Cheers Wendy xoxox


2 Replies to “26 May 2018 – Day 2”

  1. Will do – I have the massage and facial (I am getting older I need some work on the face!) booked in for the last day 🙂


  2. All sounds just lovely Wendy & Norm. Don’t forget to relax also and have some pampering, Hawaiian style!!
    Christine xx


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