25 May 2018 x 2 – Day 1

Well on my birthday in Australia – I was spoilt with some lovely presents from Norm and Mo (our cat). Some lovely leather goods from Norm and my favourite perfume and skin products from Mo (he is really very clever for a cat!!).

We had breakfast then took Mo to his gold class holiday accommodation. We then finalised a few things – and I spoke to or sent text messages to family and friends who sent birthday wishes and then it was time to go to the airport and catch our flight.

The flight was good and we arrived on time. We had arranged a car to collect us at the airport and arrived at the hotel at around 7:30am. We knew we were not going to be able to get into our room until late afternoon. So we planned to store our luggage an explore the Waikiki.

We checked in though and Norm managed to charm the lovely young women at reception and guess what? we got our room straight away so we were in the room by 8:00am. The hotel was 99% full the night before and 100% full today (it is a long weekend this weekend in the US – Memorial Day on Monday – so lots of people taking an extended long weekend – so how lucky were we to get our room so quickly!!!!

We were able to freshen up, unpack, have breakfast and then have a few hours to rest. We then went and booked some activities for the week and booked dinner in the revolving restaurant Top of Waikiki for tonight.

We took a walk in the afternoon around the streets to orientate ourselves. Then Norm decided he would like an Hawaiian shirt?!?! so that was fun. We actually found 2 that he liked so that was my treat.

After that it was time to get ready for dinner. The restaurant was great and we were given one of the best tables which was lovely. The meal was really good and view great and the waiters also spoilt me – especially as Norm has told anyone who will listen that I am 60 (or in my 7th decade!!!!!).

All in all I have had 2 fantastic birthdays.

Will keep you posted on the adventures.

Love Wendy xoxox


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