27 May 2018 – Day 3

Today we were up at 4:45am for a 6:00am pick up to spend the day in and around Pearl Harbour. There were 12 of us in the tour group with 8 people from one family – parents with 3 adult children and their partners from Virginia and a couple from Montana (who joined us part way through the tour).

It was great to put the whole event into context by going back over the lead up to the bombing and finishing with the signing of the surrender document.

We were not able to walk onto the memorial for the Arizona as it has been closed indefinitely due to a structural defect. Apparently the constant flexing of the structure with the water has caused the pillions that it sits on being cut through.  2 weeks ago there was a loud crack and the structure collapsed to one side and 3 people fell into the water and they have since found it needs major repair work.

We were able to go out to the monument by ferry and travelled around the site. So I was able to take some photos.

We walked over the Bowfin submarine – they are so small inside – went through a museum showing the development of the navy ships, submarines and diving equipment through the ages, saw memorials for those who are on “eternal patrol” and memorials for the ships and submarines that were lost in the war (not just a Pearl Harbour).

It was certainly a place to do some reflecting.

We then travelled to see the Missouri (Mighty Mo) and have a chance to walk around the ship. Very impressive. We also saw where the surrender declaration was signed and saw a copy of the document.

Then on to see Ford Island – the airbase at Pearl Harbour – and the planes that flew in the WW11. I got a bit carried away and took so many photos I ran out of battery power. (We were told we couldn’t take any bags onto the base so you could only take what you could fit in your pockets – so my spare battery didn’t make it!! (This was towards the end of the day so not too bad).

We then had another tour of parts of the island on the way back to the hotel arriving back around 5:00pm. So a long day but well worth doing. Tour guide, Ariel, was great too.

More adventures planned for tomorrow.

Aloha Wendy xoxox.


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