28 May 2018 – Day 4

Today we were up a bit later than yesterday (today was 5:45am).

There were 2 things planned for today – an underwater adventure to have a look around the ocean floor in the morning and an Hawaiian Luau in the evening.

We had an early breakfast and then we were off to the pickup point (around 8:00am) to get the bus taking us to the ferry (and then the submarine). It took a bit of time to collect all of the other people heading out on this activity. We arrived at the jetty to catch the ferry around 9:15am. We had a short ferry ride (about 15 minutes) to board the submarine. The submarine was great. It held 64 passengers and we all had access to a viewing window. We travelled down to a depth of 110 feet and saw some wreckage and sea life. The colours were not vivid – they had a blueish look but the experience was great.

A few photos:


We arrived back from where we started at around midday – had a quick bite to eat and then went for a walk around town and along the beach for a few hours returning at around 3:00pm.

After regrouping for about an hour it was time to get ready for the Luau. This was held at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel a 5 minute walk from where we are staying (at the Moana Surfrider). The luau was to be outside but they were concerned about rain so it was moved indoors. We were on long tables and were seated with people from Tokyo, Japan; Portland, Oregon; Sydney and South Australia (the Aussies were outnumbering the locals on our table!!

It was a fun time – great food, good conversation and a wonderful show.

Some more photos:


I also have some video but I can’t add it at the moment – that might need to wait until I return.

More adventures tomorrow (and another early start!!) 🙂  Wendy xoxox



4 Replies to “28 May 2018 – Day 4”

  1. Hi Ade and Fiona – glad you are enjoying it – some people cruise around the islands for 1 – 2 weeks and say this is really good too. Thank you for following. Wendy


  2. What a great experience in a submarine – fantastic. Norm, i’m just loving those Hawaiian shirts!!
    Christine xx


  3. Wendy, we just love the stories and the photos – as always, it’s generous of you to create this diary so religiously. You are really making the most of the holiday. it makes me want to go to Hawaii (that’s a first).

    Love from us both,
    Ade and Fi


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