29 May 2018 – Day 5

Well another early start today.  Up at 5:45am for a 7:30am pickup. Today we travelled around the island and got a wonderful overview of the island.

There were 19 of us on today’s tour. Again a multicultural group with 5 of us from Australia; 2 from Israel; 2 from France; 2 from New Zealand and 8 from the USA.

Below is a map of O’ahu. The island is 600 square miles in size and is the most populated of all of the Hawaiian Islands (there are 8 main islands comprising the Hawaiian Islands)

O'HAU (2)

We travelled anti-clockwise from Honolulu to Kailua to Kahuku then to Haleiwa and then back to Honolulu. There were other places in between but this gives you a sense of where we went.

It was an overcast day (but not cold) Honolulu has an annual rainfall of 10 inches but there are parts of the island that have 300 inches!! once you start climbing into the hills you will usually get some rain. The trade winds are also prominent – they keep the air clean (going from west to east) (* update this is incorrect it is east to west – refer stop press which is the next post) they are keeping the toxic fallout from the volcanic eruption on the Big Island (Hawaii) away from O’ahu. The map below should help to put it into perspective.
Image result for hawaiian islands map

Anyway enough of the geography lesson. We saw a lot of the coast line and some wonderful scenery. We arrived back at 5:30pm. Then off to dinner and a slow walk before coming back to the room.

Nothing much planned for tomorrow (at this stage) – so maybe a later start 🙂

I will leave you with some photos from today. Aloha Wendy xoxox

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