30 May 2018 – Day 6

Well guess what? a later start today – we didn’t get going until around 8:30am!!

We had breakfast and Norm suggested a trip out to the Bishop Museum. This Museum has the largest collection of Hawaiian artifacts in the world.

The best way to get there was via the hop on/hop off bus (this meant going over some of the places we had seen before but that was OK). Just to clarify about the islands – there are 124 coral islands and atolls in the Hawaiian group plus the 8 main islands. Did you know you can ski (snow) on the Big Island?

As it happened we didn’t allow enough time to see everything – but what we did see was really interesting.  In particular was the tour guide who explained how all of the islands in the Polynesian area became inhabited (Norm had lots of questions for the guide).

The exhibits were great. The cloak presented to Captain James Cook in 1779 by the Hawaiian Chief when he arrived in the islands was returned to Hawaii in 2017 after being in the UK and then in New Zealand and is considered their most prized artifact. It is made of yellow and red feathers and is so finely made it looks like a soft velvet.

They had this interactive display with some string where you make patterns and pictures by weaving them on your hands (something that I noticed is coming back into fashion with primary school children when I was out visiting a school recently). Anyway I used to do this when I was young and the picture showed a pattern for a bridge something that I can still do!! But of even more interesting is that it can be traced back to Polynesian culture hundreds of years ago!!

They have areas with native gardens, a planetarium and a science adventure centre.

We left early as we had booked to take a sunset dinner cruise which meant we had to be ready to be picked up at 4:20pm. So we returned back to our room for a freshen up and off to join the cruise.

We arrived at the ship around 5:00pm with around 1500 other people – there were 4 levels on the ship – we were seated near 2 other Australian couples but the vast majority of the guests on our level were Japanese. On our other side was a lovely young Japanese couple who were married last Saturday. They showed us some of their wedding photos – which were lovely (the young man spoke some English but his wife didn’t – my communication skills using sign language and facial expressions are showing signs of  improvement 🙂 ).

In our hotel alone we see at least one wedding party a day in the hall and sometimes  three – it is big business here.

The food was nice and there was a floor show as well.

I was able to get some photos looking back to the island from the top deck. Norm was able to entertain one of the Australians with trivia questions most of the night – that was interesting too.

Tomorrow is our last day before we head home – we are just going to hang out around the hotel (I think). I will write again tomorrow.

Aloha Wendy xoxox

Here are some photos:

From the Bishop Museum
Bishop Museum
String Figures
The main building
Norm outside the main building
The grounds
The view back to Honolulu
Honolulu and Waikiki beach
Cloud changes
Diamond Head
The Aussies
Flying the flag
Hawaiian entertainers
…. and another

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