About this site

Welcome to my travel diary.

I have recorded a number of our trips (though not all of them) using a blog. It is a way of recording the highlights of our trips

I am thinking about adding some of our other trips at some stage too – I just need to make some time to do it.

Anyway it has been some time since the last trip – 5 years to be exact, so I needed to take some time to reacquaint myself with how to manage the site so that I can make it interesting and visually pleasant.

So I have created a new site with a new address and freshened it up a bit – it is interesting looking back to see just how different the design and layout was. I have added 2 of our big trips to the site and this trip as the current focus for the site.

Hopefully you find it easy to navigate the site and no doubt I will keep tweaking it until I get to where I think it needs to be.

Both Norm and I hope you find it interesting and enjoy our latest trip.

PS – the photo I selected for this page was taken at “the Bean” in Chicago. I like this photo – I know it looks a bit distorted – but I liked taking a photo of us using the reflection. It was a different type of selfie!